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Jan 13, 2020
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Hi @cPRex , tweaking that would effect all domains, right? I do want those for all hosted domains, but not for the actual WHM host. Problem still remains, how do I renew the cert?

When you add hosted domain, the creation adds all those subs to dns, so there is no problem (well, there is, when you also, lets say create alias, and it adds subs, you need to exclude those to get the cert).

The real question here is, how can I tweak WHM host cert sub-domains?

Sure, I could just add all those to dns right, including all dnsonly servers too.

Hope I make sense here..

- Wallu


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Oct 19, 2014
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That's correct - adjusting that value would change the behavior for all domains on the machine.

Is it possible you have a separate DNS zone for the hostname of the machine? If so, that can cause confusion and extra records to exist. I always preferred to delete that zone if it exists, and just make sure the A record for the hostname was present in the main zone for the hostname's "domain.com" zone.
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Jan 10, 2015
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Had the same problem with (X::TemporarilyUnavailable) for the host certificates since a few days.
Finally broke down and manually ran "/usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts" over and over and after quite a few tries it issued the certificates.
Seems that the only issue here is the capacity of the cPanel Store to issue the certificates.