Choosing DNS Templates on Account Creation/Editing


Feb 6, 2013
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I hope this is not too much of a noob question, but I wanted to know if there is any way of handling different DNS templates?

Historically we were pushing mail out to Google using their Free Google Apps for Domains accounts and they've changed their pricing model now so we are offering this as an additional service for our clients. However there are clients who don't see the benefit in using a third party mail provider and just want to host on the box.

Is there any method of us choosing a DNS template on account creation?

Ideally if we could change this afterwards too via cPanel, that'd be great - I've seen this:

DNS Manager For WHMCS - Community Addons - WHMCS

Does this do what we're expecting?

We're on WHM 11.38.2 (build 3) if that helps at all!



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

The Zone Template Editor will allow you to edit the default zones that are used when creating DNS entries. This is documented at:

DNS Zone Templates

However, this is not selectable per-account, and there are no native features that allow you to use a specific zone template for different packages. Feel free to vote and add your input to the existing feature request for this:

Custom User DNS Zone Templates

Thank you.