Chrooting SSH users to their own directories using the opens



Has anyone tried the chroot patch for OpenSSH 3.5p1 that promises chrooting of users logging in under ssh2? This patch is being used by hundreds without any problems and it promises to chroot a user to their own home directory. This is what we need. I certainly do.

It will require that you download the source to openssh-3.5p1 then apply the patch to the source files followed by compiling the programs. Its not really a very involved process but all this must be done with extreme care because if you mess something up you will lock yourself out of your box with no way to get back in.

So I'm opening my telnet temporarily bound to my own ip in my firewall, so im the only one who can log in on port 23 if need be.

The patch im talking about can be found at this url:

Good luck to all if you try this!