Feb 17, 2002
I cannot install.

when i try to run install.html i come to a screen that askes me to edit the config.php file then click to install, ive done this but get a page not found screen. /forum/cinst.php?cmd=do_install

I have searched the forum folder and cannot find the file cinst.php anywhere and think this might be the problem,

any advice please,


May 10, 2002
I'm not sure how this works via CPanel, but had just done a trial install of the new version of XMB(1.6- Magic Lantern), and had a few glitches in the process, but got it installed and configured eventually. One of the glitches was with cinst.php, so your post caught my eye! ;)

Again, not sure how this would work with the CPanel version, but in the latest 1.6 version, I ended up deleting it, then re-uploading it, and then running the correct file(page), and it worked. &cinst.php& is necessary to populate the database from what I saw briefly. Without it, you have NOTHING in the database. Thus, yes, you DO need this file to set the forum up!

My recommendation, offhand, is to go to the XMB site ( www.xmbforum.com ) and download the latest version and add it manually. If you need it for multiple sites, I can't be much help there.....at least right now. If you can &find& the original file, then load it manually, that might work. NOTE: you DO have to remove the file before actually running the forum then, apparently, so it's an interesting one for sure!

Well.....take care....