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Nov 20, 2003

I have received email alter

Subject: Possible Detected Files For Hacking at **.*******.net

The following files have been detected and deleted :


Please make sure to check it and kill it

How to check what email/account have received .. and other info about this ??

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Amit Deshmukh

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Jul 1, 2007


-a FROM, --from<=EMAIL>
Source email address of notices. The default is MAILER-DAEMON. If =EMAIL is not given, thus --from, then the from address is set to the originating email address, however since it is likely that address is forged it must not be relied upon. -h, --help Output the help information and exit.
-H, --headers
Include all headers in the content of emails generated by clamav-milter. This is useful for system administrators who may want to look at headers to check if any of their machines are infected.
-V, --version
Print the version number and exit.
-C DIR, --chroot=DIR
Run in chroot jail DIR.
You will have to do a lot of fiddling if you want notifications to work,
since clamav-milter calls sendmail(8) to handle the notifications and sendmail will run of out the same jail.
-c FILE, --config-file=FILE
By default clamav-milter uses a default configuration file, this option allows you to specify another one.
-D, --debug
Enables debugging.
-x n, --debug-level=n
Set the debug level to n (where n from [0..9]) if clamav-milter was configured and compiled with --clamav-debug enabled. Will be replaced by --debug for compatibility with other programs in the suite.
-A, --advisory
When in advisory mode, clamav-milter flags emails with viruses but still forwards them. The default option is to stop viruses. This mode is incompatible with --quarantine and --quarantine-dir.
-b, --bounce
Send a failure message to the sender, and to the postmaster. [ Warning: most viruses and worms fake their source address, so this option is not recommended, and needs to be enabled at compile-time ]. See also --noreject.