Jun 30, 2006
Hi All,

I don't have a great deal of experience with server management and WHM but I have some conflicting information regarding ClamAV and I wanted to know how to fix it.

I un-installed an older version of ClamAV, logged in as root, and then re installed it via WHM > Manage Plugins > clamavconnector

clamavconnector shows:

Installed Version: 0.96.3-2.4
Version: 0.96.3-2.4

All appears to be working OK and the Clamd process is running and I can use the ClamAV service from Cpanel to scan correctly.

However, my daily logwatch email states:

Last ClamAV update process started at Sat Sep 25 04:23:24 2010

Last Status:
WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED!
WARNING: Local version: 0.96.1 Recommended version: 0.96.3

root[~]# whereis freshclam
freshclam: /usr/bin/freshclam /etc/freshclam.conf /usr/local/bin/freshclam /usr/share/man/man1/freshclam.1

root[~]# whereis clamd
clamd: /usr/sbin/clamd /etc/clamd.conf /usr/share/man/man8/clamd.8

root[~]# /usr/sbin/clamd -V
ClamAV 0.96.3/12025/Sun Sep 26 00:15:48 2010

Can someone help me understand why I am getting the Out of Date warning?

As I say I am a novice with this so...