Client was able to exceed max mails and spammed


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Nov 30, 2005
New client was able to exceed the max emails limit set in WHM at 500 per hour, but worse than that, I had entered this new client into /var/cpanel/maxemails, where the setting was at 100.

The entry there was

They exceeded by the thousands which of course triggered load and queued mail instead of sending me any alerts.

HOW DID THEY DO IT? Mail relayers correctly showed the username as opposed to nobody.

Here is sample from maillog. Any clues?
Nov 29 18:45:49 server imapd: LOGIN, [email protected], ip=[::ffff:], protocol=IMAP
Nov 29 18:45:49 server imapd: LOGOUT, [email protected], ip=[::ffff:], headers=0, body=0, time=0
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