SOLVED Client Website displays incorrect SSL Certificate


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May 17, 2013
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Hi All

I have already resolved this, but I figured it might be useful info for someone else.

My original post message was going to be:

I have a really odd problem with a client account that has a GlobalSign AlphaSSL certificate installed in the CPanel account. Everything checks out but the site presents in the web browser with a Let's Encrypt certificate with a different expiry date. The only reason I looked was that I installed the renewed certificate for the client over the weekend.

1. Confirmed the client account CPanel only shows 1 installed SSL - GlobalSign
2. Confirmed the client account via WHM SSL Install shows the same
3. Confirmed via /home/client/ssl/ directory that the content has only one SSL cert etc.
4. Checked via multiple browsers on my computers same result.
5. Checked via a remote computer that has never looked at the site previously and it shows the Lets Encrypt certificate.
6. Checked the WHM AutoSSL is disabled (was never enabled and never had a Lets Encrypt plugin or process).
7. Updated WHM and restarted the server to try and clear any caching process

It was at this point that I said, what if it is not looking at this server ? Why would it not be ? Because the client has at some point implemented a CDN configuration and the CDN is supplying a Let's Encrypt certificate in front of the server.....

Lesson: Always check that the server you are looking at is the server you need to be looking at, first!



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Apr 11, 2011
Hi Tony,

Thanks for sharing!