Oct 3, 2015
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My name is David Shipp.

My domain name is domain.com; it has a landing page inside of it that someone from Fiverr created and uploaded to my server, so, while I know it's mostly in my index file, there could be another file; I did attempt to back it up (e.g. the index file), but, I'm not sure if I was fully successful; I created the sub-domain name somename.domain.com; to solve this problem, a sub-directory may be necessary, but I have not created one yet; my affiliate link is xampledomain.com/a/index.php?id=dshipp17, which is behind domain.me/wd02, which is a tracking link. Because I want to keep the landing page inside the domain name, somedomain.com, as it cost me $60 to have built at Fiverr, I went through all last week trying to get the tech staff at Midphase to help cloak/mask my affiliate url with my sub-domain url, which they ultimately failed to do; they said their server would somehow not allow a cloaking/masking code to work; but, they also lead me to believe that a sub-directory might function better for cloaking/masking, if I upgrade to their Webdiversion service; either a sub-domain or sub-directory would be fine with me. They were trying to use their iFrame program that’s associated with their Webdiversion to cloak/mask my affiliate url, whether than provide coding. Midphase's final answer was:
Britton: [4:35:21 PM] Ok, so I was just talking with my manager about this and unfortunately the masking isn't going to work they way you want it to. The reason for this is because the url that you are wanting to mask uses the https protocol, which doesn't allow url masking to work correctly.
Could someone here provide me with a script or piece of code that I can place in an index file to mask/cloak my affiliate link with my sub-domain or a sub-directory? I'll probably be using Hostgater for this purpose, if you agree that the server at Midphase is somehow preventing a cloaking/masking script from working. I did manage to find a script on this website, but the final reply in that thread was that this piece of code was not working, so, perhaps someone can fix this code; the cloaking/masking script that needs a fix that I found on this website is:


<title> YOUR SITE TITLE </ title>

</ head>

rows="*,1" <frameset framespacing="0" border="0" frameborder="NO">
scrolling="auto" name="frame_content" <frame noresize> src="http://www.examp[le.com"
</ frameset>

</ body>
</ noframes>

</ html>
Anyone's help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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May 20, 2003
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You might do better to ask this question on a site that supports this sort of thing. Your mentioned issue is not a specifically a cPanel issue.