Sep 25, 2006
Is it possible to duplicate an account in WHM? We have a site, and we're working on a new version of it (but using a ton of existing backend stuff, so not quite starting from scratch), so we would like to copy that site's account and have a test account to work on rather than mess on the live site. Mainly, files and the SQL databases would need to be copied. Thanks.


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Mar 3, 2006
One way is to create a fresh backup. Then modify your domain name such as, dev.domain.com or domain2.com or whatever you like, then restore your fresh backup to get your original site back on line.

So you now have a duplicate of your original. However you setup the dev domain to resolve is your choice. You can use it as dev.domain.com and not need to register another domain name.

In the end, you have a totally isolated account to work with.


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Nov 29, 2006
Houston, TX
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Agreed, in your situation I would create a cPanel account for dev.mydomain.com via WHM so that it has its own cPanel account. The cool thing about this is when you're ready to go live, simply rename the domain on the account of mydomain.com to old.mydomain.com and rename the domain for dev.mydomain.com to mydomain.com. The only downtime is the time between renaming the old website and renaming the new website and since it's on the same server (presumably with the same IPs), DNS propagation is not an issue.