Cloud storage for graphic files and photos


Mar 23, 2014
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Hi all. I need an advice. I work as a graphic designer. My portfolio is set in Picassa account (free and so far accurate for my needs) but my works published there are only in resized and compressed versions. There’s no raw files, or *psd files including layers, so I can’t do any corrections on original "base" material. I work mostly on my desktop (in a workplace) and there are many situations when deadline forces me to apply instant changes and modifications in posters, photos or other files. Sometimes they must be printed ASAP and although I’m working remotely form home only part of theese files are moved to my home computer (restrictions of copyright and stupid policy of privacy in a place I'm working in). That’s why I’m wondering about using cloud to storage files (large files often) and to have direct access any time I need. My employer is fully minded to this idea, but he wants me to do some research and show him few options. Which service would You recommend for such an actions?