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Jul 30, 2012
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Hi folks,

I've seen discussions on this issue on Web hosting forums and seen some discussion on the issue on cPanel forums, but I really need a definitive answer (and I'm sure this is not a subjective question):

If we are running machines in a cloud environment (virtualized servers with CentOS KVM - so for all practical purposes a VPS, but really, you can't call a machine with 32GB shared hosting. Well, you can technically, but 5 years ago a VPS wasn't available with such specs):

1. Is there any performance difference between cPanel VPS and cPanel dedicated. This page - VPS Optimized | cPanel, Inc. - encourages the use of cPanel VPS. Does it really help and is this what we should use? I have seen posts on other forums to the contrary, suggesting that cPanel VPS runs heavier and is inefficient in such environments. Either way, what is the official verdict? If it runs better:

2. How do we install cPanel VPS? I was under the impression that the installer would detect things automatically. I'm running a trial version so it doesn't say VPS optimised along with the logo. I've run cPanel on VPS' before and it did. Does this only show up if the IP address in question is a paid license (and not a trial)?

3. Are there any limitations in terms of number of IP addresses, etc. with cPanel VPS?

4. Is this even allowed? The intent for a VPS (I may be wrong) was to split a dedicated machine in 3 or 4 different parts, not to 3 machines virtualized and running as one.

Thank you in advance!


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

1. cPanel continues to be optimized for both VPS and Dedicated servers. Most of the optimization differences for VPS machines involve changes to settings, rather than the actual code. In the past, this has included changes such as:

A. Disable the MySQL InnoDB table type if no tables require it.
B. Reduce the number of Courier Auth Daemons to 2.
C. Reduce the default number of spamd children.
D. Utilize cache files on disk versus in memory caches.

However, the above changes are only examples from the past that may no longer be implemented. Changes are made to the way optimization occurs, and there is currently no list of which specific changes are implemented with VPS Optimized.

2. The cPanel installer automatically detects the environment and installs the appropriate version. The logo you see will update after you convert your trial license into a full license.

3. There are no differences with cPanel VPS Optimized in regards to the number of IP addresses allowed. The only difference is the optimization itself.

4. Please contact our customer service department to determine if your specific configuration is eligible for a VPS license:

[email protected]

Thank you.