CloudLinux new inodes Limits feedback


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Feb 18, 2008

We like this feature too, even we do not limit it on our packages yet, BUT if we do NOT limit it , can we still check inodes usages like this?



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Nov 5, 2001
I really wish we could rename some of this stuff. The word "inodes" has absolutely no meaning to our customers, who are very non-technical.

It would be nice to have ability to rename this to "Number of Files" or something that has some value to our customers. (I know that is not an accurate translation of "inodes", but it is *much* better for non-technical people to understand.)

This is a problem for any software that is created by very smart people, since they either assume everyone knows what these arcane techno-words mean, or they simply don't even think about the fact that many of their customers are using their products to host non-technical people.

Thanks. :)


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I really don't want to explain to hosters why user has X files limit, and limited, though his quota is X+100.
inodes don't map one to one to number of files. Not even to number of files + number of folders.

Nor I really wanted implementing true 'number of files limits' -- all this plugin does, is let you manage linux inode quotas.


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Nov 5, 2001
I'm not suggesting *you* should change the name of this or anything else. I'm suggesting that you should allow *us* to change the name of this. Like a "translation" function or something.

This way, we can modify whatever technical words we want in the system to something else that has more meaning and value to our customers.

I hope that makes sense?

As a technical person, I understand what "inode" means. My customers do not. There is little point in showing them a "inode" resource usage limit in their cpanel if it's just a meaningless word. Cloudlinux is a great utility and helps us manage our servers a lot. But there is a customer-facing side to CloudLinux that could be greatly improved, since not all customers are technically knowledgeable.

I hope that makes more sense?


Oct 4, 2006
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This feature has been great. We could stop some abusers who were slowing one of our servers.

Some feedback:
- We would like to add a global limit for a reseller, for example.
A reseller account can use: 500.000 inodes and he can distribute that inodes in their sub Cpanel accounts.

By the way that feature would be very useful for other limits too.


Hello everyone!

CloudLinux has recently released new inodes Limits and we would be really grateful to get feedback on that from those who tested it in beta already.