Clustering / Failover, identical mirroring of servers. Linux CentOS


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Sep 19, 2011
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What I would like to do is if one physical server fails then other server susposed to have exactly same data inside that has first server. So first server would probably be automatically switched off by power if still responds to ip pings and second server switches on NICs with correct ip configuration. So hostname, nameservers etc would run up fine.

Now all data should be synced. Absolutely everything should be mirrored and identical to other server from operating system CentOS, cpanel, configurations up to user accounts and MySQL databases.

What I have found so far by google is kind of very old information. What are options nowadays?

For first point I understand server hardware must be identical in both servers.

Found some threads about this.
Cluster Labs - The Home of Pacemaker
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Corosync by corosync
good failover / high availability solutions for linux? - Server Fault

So I would need help building failover system on CentOS 6.4 with cPanel and CSF
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