cname subdomain to another subdomain


Jan 13, 2006
I have been trying to get DNS configured to point a subdomain from one domain to another subdomain on a different domain name. The only issue is that the CNAME keeps pointing to the primary domain and not the subdomain where it should be going.

This is the scenario;
  • should display content from this subdomain
  • It is instead displaying content from (not the xyz sub domain)
  • displays content from which I imagine is just missing some aspect in the DNS perhaps to get the pointing to the subdomain working correctly

Other Background:
  • setup is between two different servers with different IP ranges although DNS cluster is on between all servers
  • the is set up with its own unique IP (which is on the A records for the subdomains, the subdomains work as expected/normal)
  • the DNS entry is correct (cdn CNAME ie the end period is included
  • a DNS lookup on the CNAME externally reports back as as the record

Does anyone know what DNS entries I am missing to get this working correctly ?

Note: I do not want to just put a redirect between domains as I need the content of to be visible via the URL of