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Oct 13, 2005
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How can I get a single file emailed to me every day that contains the domain name and all forwarders for client domains on my server?

It will be even better if I can get only those accounts reported which were updated the last day.

Why do I want this?

I have seen quite a few hacks on different client domains where a forward has been set to a sniffing account ultimately resulting in a funds fraud. I want to keep a watch on such forwards and take preventive action.

Thanks in advance!


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @ebizindia,

There's no native feature in cPanel & WHM that will email you such a report, but you could develop a custom script that makes use of the following UAPI function (in combination with a loop that runs it on all accounts and parses the information to your preference) to list all forwarders added under a domain name:

UAPI Functions - Email::list_forwarders - Developer Documentation - cPanel Documentation

You could then setup a cron job to execute the custom script on a regular basis and email you the output. If you need help developing the custom script, we provide a list of companies offering system administration services on the following URL:

System Administration Services | cPanel Forums

Thank you.
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