Combining 3 cpanel servers into one question


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Mar 27, 2003
I have 3 small web hosting companies with 3 separate servers for each. I want to combine all 3 servers into one new server. My question is will there be any problems because customers are coming from 3 separate named companies and also nameservers for their domain names.

I have the main 3 websites for the companies on a forth server which I will be moving to a VPS and this also has 3 separate installs of WHMCS billing.

Example of problems I'm foreseeing:
1. In WHM the suspended page must be changed to a generic one so there are no direct links to companies.
2. When logging out of cpanel I cannot use the redirect URL feature at all.
3. The main hostname I guess I have to purchase a commonly used domain name like for example so they don't see any company name.

Can you please inform me of any additional problems you might see with me combining 3 separate companies (names) into one new cpanel server?

Thanks so much, trying to save money as the below information is the total on all 4 servers (Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processor 1216, 4GB ram each):

totals for all 4 servers:
265 GB bandwidth per month of june 2010
95 GB total disk space
The average on each server load is 0.50 and 25% memory used.

I'm hoping this new server from softlayer can handle the 3 servers combined:
Dual Processor Clovertown 5320 with 12GB of RAM and 2x250GB HDDs. Please tell me if you think it will?
Thanks again


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May 20, 2003
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I think the new server will perform well. Your 3 examples of problems, I don't think are problems at all.

Where you might have problems is nameservers. You'll need to contact all users with the new nameservers, and hope they answer the email and make the required changes at their registrars. You can of course with some work and extra IPs add all old nameservers to the new server to help, but I would expect some bit of downtime somewhere along the way.

As for WHMCS, you might want to post on their forums for ideas to see if there's something they can suggest to combine data, etc. Never tried that myself so no help there.