comments on multiple ip setup (private and public), remote setup, staging, etc.


Nov 1, 2004
I set up a test platform which I used to install WHM and cpnel for testing and evaluation. The server is on my private network (192.168.x.x/24, assigned by dhcp) and behind a firewall/router. It's a dual NIC system and the private IP is on eth0. After installing it and taking a look around, I wanted to actually create some real public test sites. So, I added a couple of public IPs in my subnet so I could test it on the public internet. WHM had a difficult time since it wanted to map everything to the private IP, which of course didn't do me any good. I went back to the server setup and modified the fields (main shared virtual host IP) to the first public IP. Everything seems to work ok now. What I would like to do is assign the private IP to eth1 and leave the public IPs on eth0. Any comments about this setup would be appreciated. If in the future I want to stage a box internally (using kickstart) and install cpanel/WHM and then roll it out to a public network, what is the best way to do this? I also had issues with the firewall install since I couldn't ssh or log into the box from another machine following the cpanel installation. I had to log into it physically and add an entry to iptables to enable this. This could pose a problem for rolling out boxes remotely. And then I suppose there's the issue of the cpanel license since cpanel only sees the box from the gateway's ipaddress while it's staged. This could cause a problem too. I appreciate any high level (or detailed) comments on all these issues.