Complete Data Migration to new server.


Feb 21, 2014
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Ah! I can't edit or delete the previous post, I'm just going to add to it here:

I'm trying to do a complete migration of data and settings from one old web host to a new one. Both of them run cPanel.

Ideally, how I thought it would work would be a one-click backup and a one-click restore. This would handle everything from e-mail messages, settings, sub domains, databases and of course files.

I've managed to create a full backup using the backup wizard and transfer the .gz to the new host via FTP. This is sitting in the root of my new host and I thought I would be able to just extract the file or point the restore wizard to the file and have everything restore easily.

However I'm struggling to do this.

(The extract doesn't link the settings / files to cPanel, e.g. it can't see the databases and the restore option doesn't allow me to point to a remote file, only upload a local one.)

I contacted the support team at my new hosting provider and they didn't seem to think it was possible. They advised that I would manually need to upload each database, restore each e-mail address, re-setup each subdomain etc.

This doesn't feel right. I would imagine that a full migration would be possible quite easily as long as I had the correct login details.

Can anyone help with this?
Is what i imagine possible?

Can anyone give me a link to a good clear guide / video.

Many thanks in advance.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Yes, it's possible for your hosting provider to restore the account on the destination server if you generated a full backup of the account on the source server. However, since it's a package from a remote server, they might be hesitant to restore an account from an untrusted source.

Thank you.