Completely Uninstall Wordpress Toolkit including users


Oct 21, 2009
@3.14fingers - thanks for the feedback on this. I'm going to go through these concerns in order to make sure nothing is missed.

While WordPress Toolkit does get automatically installed for users that had WordPress Manager, it doesn't take over any installations without you specifically telling it to. For example, if you have WordPress already installed, and then install WordPress Toolkit, it won't try and manage the installs unless you perform a scan for them.

I agree - and at this point I believe that is how it behaves. While WPT may see your installation, it won't adjust any configuration files unless you have it manage the WordPress install.

This point doesn't make sense to me since EasyApache is proprietary software and WordPress is distributed freely. WordPress doesn't run at a high enough level to make any adjustments to the EasyApache tools as those are handled by the root user. I do understand the point you're trying to make though, which is why we don't force users to use WPT. The reason we install the software at all is because we are trying to get users off the older WordPress Manager tool.

While there are additional paid features in the tool that require a license, those are the more advanced things like cloning and staging. Installation and management can all be done through the free version. There's also no reason you couldn't keep installing WordPress manually, as we have no plans to block one of the most popular pieces of software in the world to try and force users to pay for that to be installed on cPanel machines.
OK, thanks for the prompt reply. It is appreciated.

I do already know that Wordpress can't ACTUALLY mess with cPanel files. The fact that you say you can see the point I'm trying to make seems to cover that anyway.

I will reinforce though that I reckon cPanel should write a really thorough instruction manual on this new module. This should be over and above any advice described in brief at the Release Notes.

Considering how many people got caught off guard, along with the very long standing expected behaviour of Wordpress installations on cPanel, I'd suggest it should have a section heavily based around, and clearly describing in advance, a concept titled something like 'The Wordpress Toolkit Can Make Unexpected Changes To Your Installation & Configuration'

Sort of like giving a bloke a decent head's up before you hit him in a fight while he's not quite looking!