Complicated Email Problem (Please Help)


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Mar 6, 2006

I have a client who's clients and his account are having a problem. Here is the problem

"All mail be forward by is coming in completely blank. No Address header, message. Blank.

I have fixed the problem. The answer is very strange. I have box trapper set and the log file increase in size to 2gb using all the space. This is a bug in the log file routine. To solve this I added a cron job to delete the log file every 5 minutes.

When the quota for an account is reached the email is lost. The log file grew till there was no space and all email was discarded. This is a bug in the box trapper code.

Also I was not able to chang the package to allow me to add the cron job. I had to delete the log manually to get enough space to add the cron job."

He is using OUTLOOK EXPRESS. How can we fix this problem. Please let me know. Thank You.