Complicated hosting for wordpress


May 6, 2014
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This is a kind of complicated setup, so let me explain how things are now and then I'll jump into how I'd like them to be.

Our main domain is hosted and maintained by a host on server1 at a domain name of
We're hosting several wordpress installations at * hosted on a cpanel site on server2 using subdomains. ie cpanel domain is, with subdomains set up like This works since I can change our public DNS settings to point the subdomains to server2.

Now it's become necessary to switch our wordpress installation to a "multisite" due to the fact we're adding more sites, and doing things like maintaining themes and plugins is becoming cumbersome. I tried adding a cname entry in cpanel that points to the "internal", but something isn't working and I seem to be missing the issue.

Is there any way to point to the (internally accessible only) in cpanel/whm?


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Apr 11, 2011
Is there any way to point to the (internally accessible only) in cpanel/whm?
You should be able to configure the CNAME record on the DNS server that hosts Make sure you don't have separate DNS zones for "" and "" on that server.

Also, you mentioned an internal network. Could you elaborate further on that?

Thank you.