Concern about rebuilding Apache with ModRuid2


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May 10, 2016
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I have some security advisor notifications that indicate I need to rebuild Apache with ModRuid2. So I read all the documentation, and it looks a bit scary, since this is on a production server. Here are some of the warnings that appeared in a popup window:

"Enabling mod_ruid2 automatically disables Cache, Disk Cache, MemCache, mod_mono (.NET 1.x and 2.x), FastCGI, and any MPMs other than the Prefork MPM. You should not enable mod_ruid2 if you do not know how to administer it. This option will make the following changes to your profile prior to the build: Disables: Cache, Disk Cache, Mod FastCGI v2.3.9, MPM Event, MPM Leader, MPM Perchild, MPM Threadpool, MPM Worker, MemCache, Tomcat 5.5, Mod Mono 2.6.3 (.Net 1.x), Mod Mono 2.6.3 (.Net 2.x), Mod Perl 2.0.8, POSIX, Tomcat 7.0.
Are you sure you want to install Mod Ruid2 0.9.8?"

This is a lot of changes! And I don't know how to administer this module. Should I just ignore the security notifications that mention modRuid2?

Thank you!