Configs whm server to login by google and facebook account in wordpress


Dec 22, 2019
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Hi Cpanel.
I am a new member and new with cpanel server, vps hosting. in the my website, it have option login by account google and account facebook. I config developer facebook and google succesful but can not login in website

I checked in other hosting as shard hosting, it active fine. but in vps cpanel server, it not active. It redirect (not error) but not create account in my site. see the attach files
(i not good at english, i am sorry, do you understand my main content?)
thank you for your support!
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Feb 13, 2019
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Hello phamxuanvinh2110!

I am sorry to hear that you facing this issue. However, this issue might be due to a certain configuration on your server. Can you try enabling debug mode in your WordPress configuration? Information on this can be found here: WordPress Documentation | Debugging in WordPress - This documentation will also show how to set the Debug log to a separate location if you wish to do so.

Once you enable debugging, can you try signing in with your plugin once again and let me know if any errors are reported in your error_log for the site?

I am also curious to know if a certain mode being used by MySQL would cause this. Would you be able to run the following command as root on your server and provide me with the output:
# mysql -e "SELECT @@GLOBAL.sql_mode;" | tr -d '-'

Thank you!
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