SOLVED Configserver, cPanel, WHM - who has mail limiting priority


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Mar 3, 2005
Can someone clarify which service takes priority when using both cPanel (WHM) and Configserver to limit email sending.

Email sends can be limited:
1) by WHM setting (Server Configuration>Tweak Settings>Max hourly emails per domain
2) by Product Specific setting (Packages>Edit a Package>Maximum Hourly Email by Domain Relayed
3) by Configserver (Plugins>Configserver Mail Manage>Manage Mail Hourly Limits
4) Configserver addresses each domain, cPanel Products addresses the entire account including Addon domains

So I'm trying to develop a standard protocol when setting up servers.

For example...
- I'm pretty certain that Product Specific settings override the WHM general server settings.
- I believe that a lower Configserver setting will override a Product or WHM panel setting
- I don't know if a higher Configser setting overrides a lower Product or WHM setting (still need to test that one)

So, do Configserver Mail manage settings override any and all cPanel settings?

To address one particular situation... I have a client who occasionally will send out 6000 emails to his newsgroup and we use a newsletter mailer sent out through his account. We set the limit up for that sending, and then put it back down again for protection.

I don't want to be adjusting two settings... so I am looking to establish a standard protocol for both WHM, cPanel (product) and Configserver.

As an example in this regard... perhaps set WHM low as a default (would handle any account mistakenly set-up w/o a package), set product levels at unlimited, and use Configserver to set mail limits for each domain.

Has anyone already addressed this and are my "priority" assumptions above correct?


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Aug 31, 2015
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WHM setting will work if you set it in Tweak Settings.
You cannot use Domain or Package based setting if you did the Server wide email limit.

Ref.: How to Set Email Send Limits - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation

Regarding the CSF part, CSF only sends LOCALRELAY Alerts and it does not block/stop the emails actually from being sent.

So if you need to setup Mails per hour limit, you can go with WHM >> Tweak Settings for server wide or Navigate to WHM's interface (Main >> Account Functions >> Modify an Account) for individual accounts.

Good Luck.


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Mar 3, 2005
Hi 24x7...

Tks for taking the time to reply.

However, I'm afraid Your info is contrary to what my experience is.

First, yes, package based settings do override server wide settings. This is much like setting an individual email account at a larger quota than the default server setting. (in Tweak)

Also, as the NOTE indicates in the referenced cPanel info:

"The system assigns the value of the MAX_EMAIL_PER_HOUR setting in the /etc/email_send_limits file to any domain without a specific entry in the /var/cpanel/users/username file. If the /etc/email_send_limits file does not exist, the system assigns the default entry on the Tweak Settings interface to the domain."

While they are speaking of COMMAND prompt entries, they refer to the same functions. If there is no individual or account setting, then yes, the server wide setting takes effect.

Regarding Configserver Mail Manage, yes it most certainly does stop mails being sent over the set limit. We currently used it now to temporarily limit accounts which have become compromised, limiting them to 1 email/hr until we have fixed the issue.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @coolcom,

Regarding cPanel & WHM, the individual sending limits you configure for a specific account or it's package take priority over the global setting configured in "WHM >> Tweak Settings".

If you enable email sending limits through cPanel & WHM, and additional email limiting functionality through a third-party product such as CMM, it's likely that both limits are enacted. I recommend reaching out directly to CSF to see how they suggest configuring their limits:

General Discussion (cmm) - ConfigServer Community Forum

However, generally, you'd likely want to enable one or the other since it appears their purposes are similar.

Thank you.


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Mar 3, 2005
Hi all,

I have obtained clarification for anyone interested...

Configserver Mail Manager mail limiting is NOT a separate system, but rather, sets the limiting in cPanel. So it is simply an easier access method for setting mail limiting "per domain" rather than going and changing an account.