ConfigServer Security & Firewall keeps blocking users with normal usage


Mar 19, 2013
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator

Somehow I've been assigned to fix this problem my workplace has been having with one of our dedicated servers. We have Configserver installed and it had been working great for us, in the dedicated server where we have about 20 domains hosted, all with limited space, but lately most of the client's IPs have been getting blocked by Configserver.

Some of them I know it's because they've tried to login to their cpanel with the wrong password, I understand that. But most of them don't even know how to access to their cPanel account and just use the servers for their emails, which they only use through Outlook, with normal usage of an average of less than a dozen emails a day.

What can be causing the blocking of this IPs? I can't seem to find a log that lets me see the reason for these blocked IPs.

(As you can see, I'm no expert so excuse me if this is an stupid question :( )