Configure a DNS based blocklist with cPanel to prevent spam


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Mar 2, 2002
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Hello cPanel community!

I am working in Chile and noticed that quite a bit of spam is coming form consumer focused ISPs not data centers - at times even mobile networks. I found that there is a wonderful organization that addresses this issue called DNSBL Chile. I would like to use it but the configuration is a bit advanced for me. I mean, I can follow these instructions but I fear that perhaps with cPanel there is a better or more problem free way to do this.

The detailed instructions are here:

in it it asks to modify these two files:



But the structure of conf files is different in cPanel.

Anyone ever do this sort of thing and can guide me? I can follow instuctions quite well but if file names change I fear that perhaps here my knowledge of equivalent conf files is weak and do not dare do this without advice etc.

Thank you in advance to any of you who can provide advice or help!


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Nov 14, 2017