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Feb 23, 2015
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Where should I configure Opcache when running PHP-FPM and, are there any differences in the syntax as opposed to regular PHP handlers?

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Feb 25, 2004
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I still haven't found an updated explanation for the situation.
The cPanel MultiPHP INI Editor should be used for changing settings related to PHP.
PHP-FPM is nowadays the way to go.
When it comes to PHP-FPM and OPCache I see no impact via php.ini or user.ini.

So the threads point to modify ini files in (e.g for PHP 7) /opt/cpanel/ea-php70/root/etc/php.d/ to get OPCache enabled.

What is the situation in 72?
I see a OPCache INI file for PHP-FPM under /opt/cpanel/ea-php71/root/etc/php.d/10-opcache.ini .
That is enabled, but the php application still missing OPCache in PHP 7.1.

This all looks like work in progress. Or I have overlooked something.

Thanks in advance.

Update: I changed a few settings in opcache.ini and rebuilding via EA. Now OPCache is recognized by the php application. Very funny. Still wonder what the default situation under EA4 (72) is when it comes to OPCache and PHP-FPM.
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