Configured private nameserver is not working while parking domain


Mar 3, 2013
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
I am new to VPS and have a new VPS from godaddy, which has 3 associated IPs. I tried to create a new private nameserver using one of my additional IP, but when I try to add a domain (under cPanel) which is using only this new nameserver, it is giving an error that this IP not associated with the server.

Under my "WHM->Basic cPanel & WHM Setup" I have assign a new nameserever with IP (which is associated with my VPS account) and added a A record also. I have also registered this nameserver from my domain registrar. Now when I try to add parked domain in cPanel under a account, it is giving error
"Using nameservers with the following IPs: Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server. Please transfer the domain to this servers nameservers or have your administrator add one of its nameservers to /etc/ips.remotedns and make the proper A entries on that remote nameserver."

Why the error is saying that is not associated with this server? How can I fix this? However, on using which is using default server IP, it is working fine. Also if I add this additional IP to remote IP list under WHM->DNS function, it is working fine. But, this IP is associated with my VPS, so it should not be treated as remote IP.

Since I am new to VPS, may be some steps I am doing wrong. Please help to fix this.