Confused about Feature Manager Options.


Dec 31, 2010
I have recently acquired a reseller hosting account from

I am very new to the web, am an 18 year old student. The whole reason I took up this project was because I wanted to learn how to run a web hosting company. The best way of course to do that is to actually try it out.

Anyway, enough about that. I'm trying to set up a feature list. But I am faced with a lot of options, more than half of which I don't know what they do.

I am unsure which options to select/deselect for the following types of packages:


1. Standard - This will be the lowest tariff.
2. Standard Plus - This will be the next tariff up.
3. Premium - This will be the highest tariff available to individuals.

I'm not currently sorting out business or reseller tariffs yet, as I think I should start by getting the hang of this first.

The reseller package I currently have is the Aluminium package. I have 50GB of total storage, and 500GB of monthly bandwidth. So I need to be sure that I don't give too much to someone and too little to the other.

I know that I sound really bad at this, that's because I am. I have to admit that I am totally new, only started out an hour ago. I just hope that I'll learn as I go along and, as long as I put enough work into this (which I will), then it shouldn't take too long for me to start getting the hang of things.

In case you ask, I have no intention of even thinking about opening the company for business yet. That'll happen in time though.

I'd appreciate any help. I've attached a copy of the options available to me in a text file. Could someone more experienced than me help me by advising me on which options to select or deselect for the above packages. After all I don't want people accessing admin features when they're not supposed to, but neither do I want someone not being able to access something they are supposed to be able to use, if you get me. Thanks in advance.


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May 20, 2003
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Well you're in for the time of your life, good luck!

There was a thread some time ago asking a similar question that you might find useful:

Once you've created your own, or customized the Default Features list and then created your package and added that custom Feature List to it, create a test account and take a look at those Features you've enabled. See one you don't want to show the basic account package? Edit the feature list again.

You really do want to have a go with all of the Features at your own speed to know what it is and why to allow or not as you'll require. As you know the list is long, explaining every single one for the newest of users might be a bit much to ask. You might not even understand some of whats explained.

Get in there and have some fun!