Confused by AutoSSL 200 domain limit and virtual hosts


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Nov 5, 2001

On our servers, we use a single "shared" IP address for almost all our customer's accounts. For example, on one server there are about 200 customers hosting around 1000 domains (includes main domains, addons, parked, subdomains, etc).

Does the AutoSSL limit of 200 mean that only 200 domains using the server's single shared IP address will receive an SSL certificate? The other 800 domains are out of luck?


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Aug 10, 2002
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I may be wrong on this, so you may want to wait for other input.

I believe this to be a 200 hostname limit per certificate. If you have the domain example1.tld setup and you want to add a one of these free secure certificates, you would probably (or cPanel does it automatically?) want that certificate to be valid for example1.tld, www.example1.tld, and mail.example1.tld. That's 3 hostnames on the certificate. You could effectively add 197 more. Why? I have no idea.

Chances are, you're going to add this on a VirtualHost basis. So even if you had a subdomain - subdomain.example1.tld - you'd just create another certificate for subdomain.example1.tld.

This kind of plays a role in my argument against all of this. If you have a server with 1000 accounts, that's 1000 certificates. Any of those accounts have subdomains? That's more certificates. Any of those accounts have addon domains? That's more certificates. There are going to be millions and millions of certificates floating around out there. Was the scope of this well thought out?


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Apr 11, 2011
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