Connections attempts to port 808, shoul I be wary?

Kent Brockman

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Jan 20, 2008
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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From december till now, we noticed an increasingly tendence to make login attempts to port 808. I have cpanel 11.24 + CSF and it is detecting it as an attempt from omirr service ( Online Mirror (Omirr) file mirroring services, as stated at ).

The connections attempts arrive from different IP's around the world, but there is one of them coming from the website at (ES/Spain/ that is attempting a login over that port every 5-6 days since last November.

May be that that web site is compromised with some kind of malware? I found association of this port with the trojan WinHole ( source: )

Port 808 is not a commonly used port, and I have all the non-standard ports closed. Although, should I still be wary of this?