Convert Addon Domain to Account Workflow Issue


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Jan 16, 2007
Hi Guys,
Was about to post this in the feature requests section; but thought its more of a bug than a feature request really so came to the forums to post it as I dont think you have a dedicated bug report system.

Addon domain was converted and assigned a plan that had 1GB of disk space. Problem was that the account actually used up about 1.7GB of disk space. There was no easy way to check this otherwise I would of assigned a bigger plan from the get go.

Transfer commenced and "completed successfully", that is to say, it was no longer in the previous account as an addon domain. Having said that; the addon domains directory was still in the origin /public_html/ as well as /mail/ directories and its contents hadnt been moved (probably others as well, but thats what I picked up).
I had to end up upgrading the destination account; then manually moving the directories over and chowning them. Then re-creating the mailboxes in cPanel and luckily it picked up the existing contents.

Proposed Solution:
- Simply advise that the addon domain requires "X" amount of resources.
- Don't allow the the user to continue without selecting a plan with appropriate resources
- Move everything across regardless of quota and just let the account over-use for the sake of the transfer; (in this case, 1.7GB / 1GB used).



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May 15, 2017
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I was debating on whether this should be a feature request or a case, as the documentation mentions a few times that you should ensure proper disk space prior to running the conversion. Regardless, I filed an improvement case for this issue under CPANEL-18560.

Thanks for the report @osirion! In the future, please consider filing a ticket or contacting us directly regarding issues like this so we can ensure they are addressed.