Convert addon domains with subdomains to own account


Jul 31, 2016
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I have a long-standing client who has a single non-reseller account. Over the years he has grown his account to 10 or so addon domains, each with many subdomains.

He asked if there was an easier way to manage so many websites, and I suggested we move him to a reseller account.

I was playing with the tool for converting an addon domain to a full account, and it seems like a super awesome tool. The problem is it will not work (throws an error) if the domain you are working with has subdomains.

Normally I would just delete the subdomains and move the data manually, but im looking at 20-30 sites and would really appreciate an automated process.

Are there any scripts I could use to help move everything over? Or will this functionality be implemented in an upcoming cPanel release?

Thanks in advance guys! I have been a lurker for ages and this forum is a great resource.


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Apr 11, 2011

The following quote from Addon Domain Conversion List - Documentation - cPanel Documentation confirms that subdomain data is unsupported at this time:

Data not migrated
The Convert Addon Domain to Account feature does not allow users to migrate the following data:
    Installed applications
    MultiPHP settings
    Any additional data not listed above
There's no supported workaround at this time, other than manually backing up and then removing the subdomains. At that point, you can convert the addon domain name and manually add in the subdomains and their data to the new account.

Thank you.