Convert zone from account to parked domain for WP Multisite


Apr 5, 2016
Columbia, MO
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I have several DNS zones that are currently associated with standalone accounts but we are moving to a WP Multisite model so these zones need to be parked domains under one account. How do I do this without manually deleting and re-entering the info on each zone? Most zones have 30 or more records including more complex (number of fields in the zone editor) SRV records.

I am a root user and comfortable editing files in a text editor. I know the first steps to this process - delete the account, preserving the zone file. But then even with this done, the zone still exists so cannot be converted to a parked domain.

Is there any way to make it a parked domain by a text file, or is my best option to back up the zone file, delete the zone, park the domain, and then copy and paste the zones back into the zone file?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

There are no native features that make this type of conversion easier at this time, so the best workaround at this time is to backup the existing zones associated with these aliases (parked domains), delete the zones, add the domains as aliases (parked domains), and then restore the zones from the backup. You should also update the serials on the zones after restoring them:

Bulk DNS Zone Update

Thank you.