Converting from SuPHP to DSO


Nov 6, 2010
Hello all,

I recently started running DSO (mod_php) on a server that was previously using SuPHP and am dealing with some permissions issues as a result.

File ownerships are still ${CPUSER}:${CPUSER} -- ${CPHOME} and read/write/execute permissions are the same as they were before switch. However, I am getting multiple 'directory is not writeable' type errors when working within the CMS (Drupal) for the sites on this server. In one instance when this happened, I had to recreate the folder and assign it full 777 permissions in order for the error to go away.

Additional notes: suEXEC is on (was running with suPHP as well) and all httpd processes are 'owned' by nobody. When using suPHP, httpd requests used to show user name.

I'm sure its something simple that I'm not aware of... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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