copy account probs (latest stable build)


Dec 22, 2001
OK, the new account copy script is better, specifically being able to handle usernames with "-" in them; however there still seems to be an issue with handling accounts starting with numbers. In addition, the account I want to move is a reseller and therefore I can't change the username!

I realise I could make a new account with a fake domain and move all resold domains to that, then change the username of the reseller then move all the sub-accounts back. But as far as I am aware that would take a while (a quick shell script may make it quicker, but is risky).

Is it possible to simply append the username begging with a numerical with an a then truncate the last character if the domain is already 8 characters? Or even take the last character (assuming it is alphabetical) and put it as the first character?

Alternatively, is there a quick way to get round the "Can't change username on reseller" prob?

Thanks :)