Copy an account from another server with account password Broken?


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Dec 14, 2002
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I'm curious if anyone else has noted this feature has suddenly broke in 11.28.64? We initially thought it was other providers blocking the calls but today we tested this and confirmed it no longer works on our machines.

Trying to fetch cpmove file via cPanel XML-API!
Fetching current backups from remote server......0 backups found...Done
Starting the backup...Done
Waiting for backup to start...Done
Checking remote server for backups.....1 backups found.
Remote server is creating backup to backup-1.19.2011_13-09-51_username.tar.gz!
Starting wait cycle for remote backup.
Backup into backup-1.19.2011_13-09-51_username.tar.gz is still in progress.
Checking again in 60 seconds...
Checking again in 45 seconds...
Checking again in 30 seconds...
Checking again in 15 seconds...
Backup file backup-1.19.2011_13-09-51_username.tar.gz went away!
Failed to fetch cpmove file via cPanel XML-API.
Terminating because fallback to ftp+cgi was not enabled.

Can still do this manually obviously but saved time as it could all be done through the WHM interface.