Copying accounts from a Plesk server


Jun 27, 2003
On our WHM/cPanel server we are trying to copy accounts from a server running Plesk 2.5.5. The problem is though that although the rest of the account information (website, logs, passwords, etc) is copied over correctly, the qmail accounts run off of the Plesk server do not copy at all. I'm currently dissecting the pkgacct-pXa script to see where exactly the problem lies but it appears that somewhere between where the mail directories are copied and the end of maildir2mbox converting them, the script is failing.
Our qmail directory is in /var/qmail.
We have been recreating accounts with single email accounts (thankfully not too many) on the cPanel server and using IMAP to copy them over but this requires giving them new passwords. It would be desirable to make this as transparent as possible.

I noticed a number of other people (see below) have also had this problem. Has anyone managed to solve it?

There's also this as well but not too sure it's related:
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