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Nov 30, 2003
If I created another account on a different server with the same user/password could I simply copy the mail folder from one machine to another and then see the emails on the other machine?

I was hoping to setup A rudimentary backup mail system for a couple of email accounts that It would be beneficial if they were to remain accessible should my server fallover.

I was thinking of clustering the DNS and then setting a secondary MX entry pointing to the 2nd server and then periodically Rsync (or something similar) the mail-dirs to make sure that both servers have a fairly up to date copy of the mailbox contents.

Obvisouly with the primary down you wouldn't be able to login to the mailbox using the domain itself but its a trivial matter to use another domain on the 2nd server to gain webmail access if needed and at least you'd still be able to see any new emails coming in...

would this work?