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Apr 30, 2017
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Hello, I use cPanel now for 6 months and it is the best panel, but when i look in the forums i see one of the greatest problems are with Emails and the right configuration! I get always error mails back from outlook, gmail and so...

So i do not find any solutions, thats why i rent a simple webhosting on SiteGround beceuse they are also using cPanel to see what Mailserver thay are Using!

My mailservers out&in are always like the domainname is - ''

On SiteGround they have
Incoming Server: securees38.removed
  • IMAP Port: 993
  • POP3 Port: 995
Outgoing Server: securees38.removed
  • SMTP Port: 465
Are thay using seperate Email servers? And when yes how to do that is that the best solution? And why so manny people have problems with the Email configuration in Cpanel is there any good course or tutorial to learn how to Contigure WHM correctly to dont have problems any more? I want only that the created Email Accounts can send and recive mails whitout problems. I hope anyone can help here.

Thank you
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Apr 11, 2011

Can you provide a specific example of an email problem you are facing so we can guide you to potential solutions?

Thank you.