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Couple of basic questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mojogrp, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. mojogrp

    mojogrp Registered PartnerNOC

    Nov 22, 2004
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    I had the understanding that cpanel could be used effectively for clients with multiple domains. I have clients with 2-300 domains, and I don't think the addondomain feature is a very appropriate way of managing them. Is there a way to setup multiple domains for one client? Should they be resellers?

    If the addondmain is the only way to go, then does the root domain have to be valid? Can it just be an account name, and then have all of their domains listed below it?

    Along these lines, is there a way to add multiple domains at one time? I can see that setting up 300 domains would be a pretty tedious task.

    My network will be a mix of CPanel and non-CPanel machines. I currently have name servers setup that I would like to be able to use CPanel with. My understanding is that a DNS cluster may be the best way to do this, as they are deprecating the master DNS server feature. Since I have many domains controlled that aren't on CPanel machines, can they still be added into CPanels DNS without having actual accounts setup?

    I'm looking for some real answers here. Please forgive my complete ignorance of the operation of CPanel. To clarify and possibly reiterate, let me throw out some sample numbers. Let's say I have 100 dedicated client servers. 40 of them will be CPanel machines and the others will not (They are standard dedicated client managed web servers.) I have three nameservers that hold DNS info for all domains across the nework. Any given CPanel run machine may have as few as 1-2 domains and up to 300-400, but only one client. I will also want to use CPanel for managing servers hosting virtual (shared) clients. Each of these clients also have multiple domains. Just so I'm not asking the wrong question above, I'll leave the question much more open. How would I best integrate CPanel into this network? I can't go back and start from scratch, it must be an addon solution. My DNS servers currently hold zone records for several thousand domains, so should they be converted to CPanel, or left as they are and let CPanel use them as master nameservers?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughtful replies.
  2. fwwebs

    fwwebs Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2004
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    Resellers can be allowed to create accounts by resources or numbers of accounts. So a combination of Resellers creating cPanel accounts and cPanel accounts creating Addon's may fulfill your needs.
    Sure the httpd.conf will direct the domain to the appropriate directory, by domain name, but will keep the stats by account name.

    Regarding the DNS issues, I really can't answer your questions completely since I've not faced your situation. I will say that cPanel is extremely hard headed when it comes to DNS. It likes to be it's own name server.
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