Courier, courier-auth and custom usernames


Sep 29, 2008

I need to move around 800 email accounts to our new cPanel server with Courier daemon. Problem is, the old pop3/imap username format is not in form [email protected]. Changing usernames and notifying computer illiterate users would be a time and nerve intensive work.

So, I've come to an idea to simply somehow map old usernames to email accounts. Example map file:

customuser123 [email protected]

Only thing needed now is to somehow tell Courier, which old username maps to which new and authenticate against new.

I see a custom compiled perl binary called /usr/local/cpanel/bin/courier-auth, which does the work of authenticating, it's called by authdaemond.

Is it possible to make a wrapper around this compiled binary, to pass the rewritten username to it? Is the source available? I could then add the functionality directly.

Thanks for any tips or info!