courier-imap loads itself in cpanel upgrading process


Dec 9, 2004
BUG: courier-imap loads itself in cpanel upgrading process

Hi all,

Well, I am having a problem with courier-imap.

When I upgraded to latest stable version of Cpanel x86 for a Red Hat 9 Box, courier-imap loaded itself and started to run. Take in consideration that I haven't any imap service enabled in WHM Service Manager, neither uw-imap nor courier-imap.

The hosting admin team tried to force a new cpanel upgrading again, and courier-imap auto-loaded again too.

The worst thing of this is that courier-imap SSL daemon takes HTTP SSL Ports of WHM while exim and cpop is running at the same time (uw-imap not. Any imap dameon is disabled as I mentioned). The only way to recovers these HTTP SSL Ports is stopping courier-imap and courier-authlib and restarting Cpanel.

My question is... where is the config file of Cpanel that loads courier-imap again and again when WHM/Cpanel is upgraded despite nobody enabled this daemon to run?

To do mention that I used the script to convert uw-imap to courier-imap one month ago more and less (when Cpanel team informed that there was a security hole), but as it was solved and I didn't like to count with so many daemons running as courier-imap has, I downgraded to uw-imap again.

I always use stable versions of Cpanel and chkservd.conf file doesn't load any imap service.

I never had a problem using stable versions, but this imap daemon conversion has been a really bad thing according to what I see in these Cpanel forums. Now, this courier-imap want to survive itself as an errant phantom despite I do not want not even see it :-(


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May 7, 2005
Hi Mapg,

Let me know if you find out why, I'm still trying to determine what is causing this to happen.

Thank you,