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Dec 19, 2001
Have a user who complained to me today that he almost screwed up his entire site when using the File Manager function under CP.

I hadn\'t paid much attention yet to all the functions myself so I too was surprised to discover what File Manager offered:

(1) Click on File Manager and naturally click on the \"Click Here To Proceed\" link.

(2) You get the frame for File Manager the various links for Create New Folder, Upload Files and the llisting the current directories..

(3) Clicking on the directory public_html for example puts the public_html directory in the right hand frame BUT (and here is where the problem is) what you get is:
Delete this folder and all files under it
Rename this folder
Change permissions
Move this folder
Copy this folder.

What was expected was a listing of all files and all sub-directories under public_html SOMEWHERE but just ain\'t nowhere to be found..

This person wanted to use this function to move one file in his public_html directory to a sub-directory he created.. But none of his files and none of his sub-directories will even show up and there is no area under File Manager to show files or allow doing what he wants done..

His domain is set to use the \"advanced\" theme which comes default with CP..

Is my \"advanced\" theme missing some functionality or is this what is normal? If this is normal, what\'s the rationale for restricting what it can do?


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Aug 12, 2001
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clicking on a DIR ICON will navigate (open this directory), clicking on the DIR NAME will show the Dir Operation Menu. Of course user can only guess which click for what purpose since there is no explanation but this will train their brainpower.