cPAddons: .yaml and what else is needed to fake an install?


Sep 18, 2011
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Root Administrator
I am migrating about 70 Wordpress installs from another host to a WHM with full root access. So I will use click-click stuff to make the accounts, but the rest I will script: mysql create, import; cp -a wordpress, chown -R, etc. Once I'm done I want to hand it over to cPAddons.

I can make the file
but what else do I need to do to tell WHM cPAddons that it is has these installs now?

Easier question: will Wordpress's own update click-click play nicely with cPAddons? WP is so basic, you just wipe out and replace wp-admin and wp-includes usually, that re-updating with cPAddons might fix it if the WP admin has done their own update already?