cPanel 106 removes almost all translations


Feb 9, 2013
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All translations that were removed suffered from a number of problems, including lack of completeness (some as bad as 0%), terrible quality, rampant inconsistency in terminology, and string corruption. Some of those languages were found to have translations for strings we no longer have in the product as well, further complicating our understanding of coverage.

The decision was made to remove them entirely in order to stop "over-promising" the support we offer. In my opinion, providing a bad experience is worse than declaring, if temporarily, that we don't provide an experience at all.

The languages that remain were actively updated since the pandemic and, upon completion, will cover ~85% of our detectable userbase. (Enable participation in the cPanel Analytics » Interface Analytics program on your servers to help us detect more of our user-base and update our understanding.) We also have enabled end-users to tell us directly what languages we should translate into with an in-app survey found wherever languages are listed throughout :2083 and :2087.

To get that ~85% number beyond 95%, we are pursuing translations into Portuguese (which itself would jump the support to 90%), Turkish, French, German and Indonesian. Based on preliminary results from v106's in-app survey, we may add Arabic and Chinese to that list.
You refering for this survee: Customer Language Preference ? Its not listing even all languages what was in cpanel before v106...


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Jan 26, 2010
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I've just voted for French, as French wasn't in the list at the beginning but is now.
Are you lacking translation firms for certain languages ?
We woud love to put you in contact with a good translator for English to French


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Mar 12, 2003
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Why did you need to remove all old translations? Was it not possible to keep old ones until the new ones are ready?
Removing things and then making us beg through the Feature Request system to get them back is the way.