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cpanel 11.34 SMTP restriction setting

Discussion in 'E-mail Discussion' started by Venomous21, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Venomous21

    Venomous21 Well-Known Member

    Jun 28, 2012
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    I updated cpanel to the latest release version 11.34 and upon login, there was a new end user license agreement and 3 settings. I'm interested in the smtp restriction setting in particular...

    How to: Prevent Email Abuse

    A Copy/Paste from above:
    You can access this feature in 2 locations:

    Main >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings, under the Mail Tab as Restrict outgoing SMTP to root, exim, and mailman.
    Main >> Security Center >> SMTP Restrictions

    Enabling this setting restricts outgoing email connection attempts to the mail transfer agent (MTA), the mailman system user, and the root user. Ultimately, this forces both scripts and users to use Exim's Sendmail binary, rather than directly accessing the socket.

    PICK Important: Prior to version 11.32, this feature would simply block any attempt to connect to a remote mail server. Starting with cPanel & WHM 11.32, the software redirects the outgoing connection attempt to the local mail server.

    We have many websites that have PHP email forms that relay to an outside email server. Would enabling this feature block these forms from working?

    The part above labeled "Important" doesn't make complete sense to me. Prior to 11.32, it sounds like it blocked any attempts to connect to a remote mail server (our forms do connect to a remote mail server and worked in this version so I'm confused). Now with 11.32 and newer, it forces it through the local mail server (exim). What am I misinterpreting here?

    I appreciate any info and advice. Thank you!
  2. 4u123

    4u123 Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2006
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    I think what needs clarification is this...

    It is my understanding that when you have this feature enabled, you can only send mail via PHP under two circumstances....

    1. If you use the PHP mail() function.
    2. If you connect and authenticate locally via SMTP to an account on the hosting server using "localhost" as the hostname.

    Any attempt to connect outbound via SMTP to any host other than the local server will be blocked, even if the domain name you are connecting to resides on the same server.

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