CPanel 11, DNS huge problems, not adding entries in named.conf or respective .db 's


Oct 19, 2006
Hello, i've updated to CPAnel 11, although i'm not 100% thats the problem. When i create a new account, the /home/blah/public_html directory is added and the correct info goes into httpd.con but no information goes into the named.conf file nor is the domainname.db file created in /var/named

The account i have set up before work fine, but no new accounts or even subdomains work.

Furthermore, when I try to edit dns zones, nothing shows up, the p[age loads but no sites are listed, is this a perms problem? I thought whm would spit up an error if that was the case.

my etc resolved.conf file looks like this

nameserver xx.xx.xx.xx
nameserver xx.xx.xx.xx

obviously with numbers instead of x's

WHM 11.0.0 cPanel 11.1-E389
FEDORA 4 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0


Jun 24, 2005
Vodkajoe, no this is not a bug with Cpanel 11 because I have been running
the latest Edge with Cpanel 11.1 updated daily for nearly a full year now
including the most recent version you just named and have not experienced
any problems with DNS entries not being added.

Either something is wrong with your server or your configuration because
Cpanel 11.1-E389 works perfectly fine as far as DNS is concerned.


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Mar 13, 2006
Brno, Czech Republic
yeps. i agree. i only run if for the past 2.5 months, but all bugs have been fixed, i submitted around 7 or 8, and edge 389 is fully functional.

yet from my experience, there are some situations when some bugs are unable to be duplicated on the cpanel devel servers, because customer has slight different hard/soft config, so ... i would advise trying again the edge, and submitting a support ticket with cpanel. they will check your box and find what is the issue.