Cpanel 11 & Exiscan+Clam+Exim


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Jan 6, 2004
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It should work, I run a very similar setup on a few cPanel boxes.

** WARNING - Do below at YOUR OWN RISK! I have not tested this **

If you want to test it out, clear all the standard options in the Exim Configuration Editor, check the one that says "Use the old transport based spamassassin system instead of the new acl style one. (not recommended, slow)" and save.

Then go through all the setup that is provided on the rvskin website. The only thing you might not be able to do is integrate it into cPanel if you don't run rvskin. Be sure to go through the tests they list at the end too.

Note that you could probably just pick and choose some of the ACLs they provide and test them one by one in the new system too. They shouldn't interfere with the new ACLs provided by cPanel. Just make sure you do it all through the WHM Exim Config Editor, or else any changes will be lost should Exim update itself within a cPanel nightly upcp run.
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